We Acknowledge that there is a higher power, and that there is a creator who reigns over humanity

R.F.M. Christian Bible College

Our Mission

To inform, nurture, and support our students to listen and hear the voice of God, walk in a lifestyle of faith, and lay a solid foundation through the word of God. Our primary objective is to stand on the word of God and train our students for use by God for his honor and glory. In addition to Christian training, our goal is to offer a vibrant, growing Christian atmosphere conducive to learning about the word of God in a warm, caring environment with a high level of spiritual and academic standards.

Education Amendment

RFM Christian Bible College admits students of any race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, or religious preference in its educational programs, activities, and employment as required by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

School Policies

All enrolled students, new and returning, are required to participate in the orientation program prior to the beginning of classes. The orientation is designed to acquant students with the policies and procedures of the college, provide a tour of the facilities, and introduce them to faculty and staff members who will be assisting them in their academic progress.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a manner that would not be distracting or detrimental to the school and its student body. All students are well-informed that RFM Christian Bible Collegepromotes a Cristian atmosphere where students should always be cognizant of the first impression of proper dress.

Sexual Harassment Policy

RFM Christian Bible Collegeaims to provide and maintain an environment free of all forms of harassment. Sexual harassment is a violation of the Title IV. Any student or employee who believes they are a victim of harassment should immediatly notify the Administration. A thorough investigation of all aligations will follow.