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Masters Degree in

Christian Counseling

Course Descriptions

(Pre-requisite: Completion of Bachelor's degree)

Course No. THE 501 Course Title: Bible Theology*
Description: This course of study includes a theologically sensitive and historically informed examination of the life of Christ. In addition, Intensive emphasis is placed on the Expectations of the Messiah while studying Jesus Christ as a person.

2 Credit Hours

Course No. THE 503 Course Title: Biblical Hermeneutics
Description: This course of study focuses on the methods and principles of the bible as it relates to the structure of scripture, the issues of revelations, prophecy anthropology, symbolsm and parables.

Pre-requisite: THE501

3 Credit Hours

Course No. HCH 501 Course Title: History of Christian Doctrine
Description: This course provides a look into Christology, Doctrine of Grace, Pauline Theory, Demonology, Angelology and Pneumatology.

Pre-requisite: THE503

3 Credit Hours

Course No. PH 501 Course Title: Christian Ethics*
Description: This course addresses the apparent surge of religious interest and activity amidst the plummet of moral values. Also examined is a comparison of modern day ethics to the word of God.

Pre-requisite: HCH501

2 Credit Hours

Course No. PTH 501 Course Title: Principles of Discipleship
Description: This course examines the true meaning of disciplne broadened and developed to establish the relationship between the teacher and his disciples.

Pre-requisite: PH501

2 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 501 Course Title: Christian Counseling
Description: An examination of the basic therapeutic skills and practice of Christian Counseling. Focus is placed on exploration and observational skills in the context of a Christian environment.

Pre-requisite: PTH501

2 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 503 Course Title: Pastoral Counseling
Description: This course provides an intense study of the basic therapeutic skills of counseling. Primary focus is on listening, observational and exploration skills as well as development of the role of the pastor/shepard.

Pre-requisite: CCL501

2 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 505 Course Title: Psychology of Human Relations
Description: This course provides a study of the basic nature of man and the dynamics of his existance; a study in behavior using historical role methods and using principles of logical thinking.

Pre-requisite: CCL503

3 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 507 Course Title: Biblical Counseling
Description: This course covers an application of the shells developed in CCL 501, based on scritual truths and supported by prophecy revealed in the world and evident in today's world.

Pre-requisite: CCL505

2 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 509 Course Title: Counseling Education Seminar
Description: This course provides a study of the generic leadership, professional knowledge, and competency goals which have been established for the educational leadership program.

Pre-requisite: CCL507

3 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 511 Course Title: Field Education*
Description: Field Education of study to be announced per semester

Pre-requisite: CCL509

3 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 513 Course Title: Counseling Christian Singles
Description: This course is designed to promote the Christian spiritual, physical, and mental well being as we progress toward the goal of becoming balanced and healthier servants of God.

Pre-requisite: CCL511

3 Credit Hours

Course No. CCL 515 Course Title: Marriage & Family Counseling
Description: An in-depth study of the various aspects of marital and family relationships, to include the study of family life development, conflicts, and decision-making from a scriptural and interactional perspective.

Pre-requisite: CCL513

2 Credit Hours

Course No. CC 530 Course Title: Thesis*
Description: The final document which incorporates the origional study and research using historical, critical, biblical, and theological tools and analysis to interpret and/or explain an issue or topic in a biblical or theological discipline.

3 Credit Hours

*Core Course