We Acknowledge that there is a higher power, and that there is a creator who reigns over humanity

R.F.M. Christian Bible College


Students are expected to be on time and maintain a consistent level of attendance to all classes, meet assignment deadlines, and participate in class-related activites

Leave of Absence

RFM Christian Bible College does not permit leave of absence unless there are serious extenuating circumstances as deemed by college authorities. It is the responsibility of the student to read chapters, get notes, and makeup any missed assignments due to absences. Makeup assignments accepted at the discretion of the instructor.


Students who wish to withdrawl from RFM are requested to submit a written notification explaining the reason for withdrawal. Withdrawal papers should be completed in a timely manner to facilitate the process.

Financial Assistance

RFM Christian Bible College will put forth every effort to assist eligible students in securing financial aid. However, Students should complete and submit application forms by the deadlines posted in order to be processed prior to the semester of entry.

Text Books

Text Books and workbooks will be sold through the bookstore in accordance with school policies at the time of issuance. Textbooks for some courses are required to be purchased from a designated vendor per instructor. Textbooks become the responsibility of the student. RFM Christian Bible College will not be responsible for replacing lost or stolen books. However, students may purchase replacement books from the college book store. Grades and transcripts will be withheld from any student who has not returned college property or who has not made restitution.