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Bachelor of Arts

Christian Counseling

Course Descriptions

Course requirement for B.A. Christian Education plus three additional required courses (10 credit hours)

Course No. B 219 Course Title:Christian Couseling
Description: An examination of the basic therapeutic skills and practice of Christian Counseling. Focus is placed on exploration and observation skills. The therapeutic triad is introduced.

Pre-requisite: B212

3 Credit Hours

Course No. B 220 Course Title: Christian Ministry: Marriage and Family
Description: An extensive study of family ministry and outreach which includes strategies and methods for family ministry. Also examined is the study of various aspects in marital and family relationships. Issues include the family life development, conflict, and dicision-making from a scriptural perspective.

Pre-requisite: B219

3 Credit Hours

Course No. B 221 Course Title: Childhood and Adolescent Counseling
Description: An intensive examination of the counseling strategies used with pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school students from a Christian perspective.

Pre-requisite: B220

4 Credit Hours