Education is a partnership between parents and educators. We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us!

RFM Mission Statement:

  • To inspire excellence in all students
    through academics, mentoring and
    community service.
  • To provide a positive, caring, and
    Christian learning environment for
    all students.
  • To produce graduates competitively
    positioned for continuing education
    and employment.
  • To encourage apprenticeship
    program for students through
    hands-on training in career fields.
  • To build a family-like relationship
    among students, parents, and

Vision Statement

Create and offer a learning environment for all students to build a higher self esteem for those of whom posses a negative attitude and low self esteem. Introduce a program that will allow students to appreciate learning and encourage them to produce higher grades in their academics. Apply a system that allows students to boost moral among each other, by doing this students will assist each other and learn more by helping each other as well as completing task and school work in a timely manner.

Behavior Expectations

We have high expectations for your children in RFM Christian Academy. We expect our students to achieve academically to their fullest potential. We expect our students to contribute in a positive manner. The following is a list of rules for RFM Chritian Academy

  • Show Respect
  • Make good decisions
  • Solve problems